How Taxsaver works?

Introduced by the Government in 1999, Taxsaver incentivises people to use public transport to and from work. It’s so simple!

Employers simply Register online, receive log in details and start purchasing monthly or annual tickets for their employees.

The cost is deducted directly from the employees Gross salary, and massive savings of between 28.5% and 52%  can be made off the regular price, depending on ticket type and your tax band.


How can I get a Ticket?

1. Check with your employer and find out if the company are registered with Taxsaver. If not, why not send your employer a link telling them you are interested in availing of this great scheme;  

Send Information to my Employer

 2. Once your company is registered, a company administrator (designated person, normally a person in HR or Payroll) can order your ticket online.

 3. There are annual tickets, and monthly tickets available from the 1st of any month. Some companies only offer tickets at particular times of year.


How Much will my Ticket Cost?

For more info on all ticket types, check out our ticket types page.


How Much will I Save?

Use our Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save with a Taxsaver Commuter ticket!


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