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PRSI Rate: 4%
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Gross Price €0.00
Taxsaver Price €0.00
Net Saving €0.00

  • Use the Savings calculator to find out how much you can save with a Taxsaver Commuter Ticket.
  •  If you know the Point-Point ticket type and ticket price that you are interested in, simply key the ticket price into the box on the Savings calculator.
  • Alternatively, enter the Origin and destination stations and the relevant Ticket Type (Monthly or Annual).
  • Please note that only a select number of options are available. Contact 0818 211777 for Point to Point prices not included on the calculator. 
  • Now Select your Tax Rate. 
  • The PRSI rate is set at 4%, please note PRSI rates vary depending on your contribution class.
  • Now select your government levy. Click on ‘get price’ button.
  • Your Taxsaver ticket price and your total savings will be calculated.

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